YCTA Position on Paid Parking in Downtown Davis

The Yolo County Taxpayers Association is opposed to paid parking in downtown Davis. The vote was held on 3/14/19 at the YCTA’s monthly board meeting. The decision was based in part on seeing the proposed meter "fee" as a tax that would discourage people, particularly retail shoppers and out-of-towners, from doing business in downtown Davis. Guests who attended the meeting and fielded questions included Mayor Brett Lee and downtown small business owners Alzada Knickerbocker and Dan Urazandi.


The YCTA is a non-partisan, non-profit association composed of a diverse group of local citizens who are working for the effective use of our tax dollars.

Due to time constraints, items of interest are posted here without formal approval by the YCTA Board of Directors.  By posting this we do not imply endorsement, but are distributing it for your information as taxpayers in Yolo County.

If you are aware of any issue that you would like  us to address please contact us at: yolocountytaxpayers@gmail.com 

"The YCGJ found acts of nepotism, favoritism, and management by intimidation, lack of or ineffective training, poor morale, and out of policy accounting practices" (pg. 16)

"the Elections Official fostered and perpetuated an atmosphere of entitlement and sole management authority" (pg. 11)

"The Election office staff made purchases outside the County’s policies and procedures according to the Finance Procurement staff. It was noted that the purchases were made at the direction of the EO under a general rule of "if you need it, get it."" (pg. 17)

"Expenses and purchases including meals, spouse’s travel, furniture, art work, children’s books and greeting cards that may not be appropriate" (pg. 15)

"Hiring and promotions circumvented County HR policies and procedures have an appearance of nepotism and/or cronyism" (pg. 16)

(emphasis added)

What do we do next... Stay tuned.

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