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The election is over.  The YCTA position aligned with the voters of California on Propositions 27, 29, & 30.  Locally, we were pleased with the results of Measures J & L. 

Here were the YCTA positions for the
11/8/2022 General Election:


Prop. 1 - No position  Expands abortion until time of birth and codifies it into the State’s constitution.  While it is primarily a social issue, note that taxpayers will pay for increases in abortions, and not only for residents, but also for those from other states and illegal aliens.   
Prop. 26 - No position  Sports betting legalization at tribal casinos and racetracks, w/ $100 million in added revenue to go primarily to general fund. 
Prop. 27 - Vote NO Legalizes mobile sports betting and most of revenue goes to mental health and homeless services. 
Prop. 28 - Vote NO Funding for K-12 for arts and music.  Given the huge surplus (~100 billion) in CA tax revenue, CA can fund additional (~$1 billion) art and music from general fund rather than making an additional tax. 
Prop. 29 - Vote NO A “yes” vote would result in increased costs and less localized service of a critical need to many resulting in major problems for those needing these services.  Current status seems very adequate to us.  This would mandate that a doctor or nurse to be present at each clinic, which would increase costs for dialysis clinics and force many to close and merge with hospitals and with the more centralized healthcare system, increasing the cost of dialysis.
Prop. 30 - Vote NO Tax increase on high income earners to fund fire suppression programs and zero-emission vehicle subsidies.  In context of excess funds in the State budget, increasing taxes should not be considered.
Prop. 31 - Vote NO Referendum to allow ban on flavored tobacco.  While we could debate health and cost issues, a bigger issue to us is the increasing assault on individual liberties.

Local Measures
Measure J - Vote NO $250 salary increase for Woodland City Council members. 
Measure K - Vote NO Tax increase for Cannabis businesses in Woodland.  A majority of marijuana operations in Yolo County are illegal and consequently don’t pay taxes.  Current legal producers are already taxed heavily.
Measure L - Vote
NO Esparto school bond.  Upgrade facilities.  ~$20 million.  The school bond does not meet Better Way for Schools Initiative criteria.

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