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What We Support  /  Oppose


The Yolo County Taxpayers Association is nonprofit, nonpartisan and accepts no government funds.  The Association is composed  of a diverse group of independent local citizens and agricultural, business, industrial and professional organizations who are working for effective use of our tax dollars.


The Yolo County Taxpayers Association (YCTA) is a non-profit, non-political, and non-partisan organization that exists to inform its membership and the public about issues of importance to taxpayers and property owners in Yolo County.

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Dear Yolo County Taxpayer, 

Thank you for visiting the Yolo County Taxpayers Association website.  We serve the taxpayers of Yolo County by providing information about tax, spending, and regulatory proposals to ensure that our government representatives are accountable for their use of your hard-earned tax dollars.

As a local, grassroots organization, much of the YCTA’s work is focused on city, special district, and county government activities that get little attention or critical review in TV and print media.  We hope that you will participate in the YCTA for analysis of measures that would result in more spending, tax increases, shifts in funding between public services, and loss of property rights.

Local, state, and federal agencies are now faced with large budget deficits because of past spending decisions that did not account for economic cycles that have existed since the founding of our nation.  The first reflex of government to loss of expected revenues is to increase taxes and fees.  It is the job of YCTA to remind our representatives and public employees that taxes are paid by individuals and businesses who do not have limitless resources and have expenses of their own.


The Yolo County Taxpayers Association Supports:

· Fiscal responsibility by public officials!

· Honesty in government affairs!

· A two-thirds vote for ALL tax increases (the HEART of Proposition 13);

· The Gann Spending Limits!

· Privatizing whenever possible;

· Independent budget analysis and audition;

· Self-imposed term limits for elected officials;

· Stewardship of Yolo County’s natural resources.


The Yolo County Taxpayers Association Opposes:

· Circumvention of Proposition 13

· Excessive salaries for public officials;

· Taxes disguised as assessments, excessive fees and charges;

· Government waste;

· Inappropriate use of government power (Eminent Domain).


We Believe:

Yolo County offers diverse economic opportunities.  Our greatest resources are our people and their productivity, our fertile land and our water!

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