Vote NO on Measure Y

With Woodland’s May 2020 unemployment at 11.8% (3.4% a year ago), school re-openings in question, revenue/service reductions at all levels of government and higher taxes looming, is now the time to be further burdening the taxpayer?

Measure Y is smoke and mirrors!

It aims to keep the voters uninformed and misled while the district employs all the advantages of a Proposition 55% election. Trustees chose November 2020 because, historically, presidential elections have the greatest percentage of “uninformed” voters and larger than average turnout.

Measure Y does not fulfill Accountability Requirements!

Proposition 39 REQUIRES a “Specific Project List” so voters know what they are voting for. Measure Y doesn’t. It substitutes three lists: school campuses, “types” of possible projects and a list of Prop 39 authorized expenditures. If you mix-n-match one item from each list you can create an unlimited number of projects that may (not will) be done.

Evaluation of Needs: Trustees allege to have “determined which projects to finance” (from the bond). There are NO projects, only “types.” Trustees “certify” they evaluated “class size reduction” and “enrollment growth” in selecting these “projects.” COVID-19 has made this an impossibility.

Measure Y is Misleading!

Ballot language begins “With no increase in estimated tax rates,…” Nowhere does it tell voters the unpaid balance of existing bonds (1999’s Measure T) will be refunded/rolled into the new bond and interest will be paid on both until around 2042.  A discussed $1.1m savings (if realized) will likely be eaten up (or more) by fees and 20 years additional interest.

Measure Y grants full authority to trustees for selection and prioritization of projects. It authorizes bond funds to be used to pay existing financed debt on previously completed projects and projects started BEFORE THE VOTE IS CAST!

Vote NO on Measure Y!

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